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Remote Management of Digital Displays
We can connect any screen to the internet and remotely control it using our Nodeply players. It doesn't matter how the screen is oriented or whether you have a small monitor or a giant LED screen. Nodeply can handle any size and resolution.
Not just video and images playback
With our system, you can get more types of content on your screens. You can display websites, IPTV, streams, digital inputs, and more. Additionally, you'll find a wide range of applications that can enrich your displayed content with interactive elements like CMS, RSS, weather, clocks, and more.
Interactive content
Your screen can turn into a kiosk or an information display. Nodeply can also handle queuing systems or managing meeting rooms. We offer a wide range of sensors and detectors to make your content even more interactive and responsive to specific events.
Each screen can have its own playlist or share it with others. Additionally, our system allows you to make various customizations that will automatically generate your playlists.
They represent a powerful tool for better content organization. Each campaign has precisely defined parameters that are recorded even after it ends. With just one click, you can repeat or extend the campaign.
Content scheduling
You can set dates and times for specific media to be played. You won't have to worry about starting or ending events on time. Set everything in advance, and the system will take care of the rest.
Content production
Revolutionize your content production with our software's template system, offering versatile visual layouts, keying, overlays, and special effects. Transforming your content into an immersive experience for your audience.
Visual Editor
Boost your content production efficiency with our intuitive editor and wide range of applications. From impactful graphics to interactive elements, our software streamlines the creative process.
Live production
Manage staging, incorporate live camera inputs, and orchestrate real-time events for a dynamic and cohesive storytelling experience. Our software enhances your live content production, enabling you to create and deliver captivating narratives on the fly.
Offline playback
Data is locally stored in each player. Internet connection is only required for content downloads, after which the player can function offline.
Reporting and monitoring
The system provides an overview of whether devices are online or if any issues have occurred. You can also view comprehensive reports on played media. Data can be exported and shared.
Cloud management
All your data is stored on fast and secure cloud servers located in the European Union. Your data is always quickly available and secure.
Are you interested in Live Production or want to have Interactive Digital Signage?
Then you will be interested in Rubico - a part of the Nodeply system.
Clear and intuitive web administration
To get started with Nodeply, you won't need to go through lengthy training sessions. In just a few minutes, you'll be able to deploy content to screens and start playback. The administration interface is designed to be incredibly intuitive, ensuring a smooth and effortless deployment process. Advanced features are available for those who need them, but you can comfortably ignore them if they're not required for your needs. Nodeply offers a user-friendly experience, enabling you to focus on managing and displaying your content hassle-free.
Use cases
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