Revolutionary dynamic campaign feature

With Nodeply, you gain an exceptionally powerful tool to maximize the engagement and impact of your campaigns on customers. You can enhance each campaign with conditions that influence which media will play at any given moment.


An easy way to describe this new feature is through an example of an advertising campaign for a fast food chain.
The campaign will be standardly inserted into your advertising loop. Thanks to the set conditions, various media will then be automatically played: an ice cream ad when the weather is nice, and a hot tea ad when it's raining outside.

Each screen is individual - the same campaign can play entirely different content at two different locations at the same moment.


Your ads will become maximally relevant and attract attention!


There are 6 conditions available - weather, temperature, UV index, time, day of the week, and media sorting based on tags. You can freely combine conditions to create complex scenarios.

For example, you can create a campaign that plays an ad with the number of days until the product launch, and the media with the countdown will change automatically every day.


Or you can plan a restaurant's weekly menu, which will attract customers to breakfast in the morning and to lunch at noon of the given day.


You set everything up at the start of the campaign, and then you don't have to worry about anything!


Dynamic campaigns are directly integrated into the campaign module.


To ensure the proper functioning of meteorological data, remember to set the GPS coordinates of your screens in the configuration. Everything is obtained online in real-time, so there is no need to equip the screens with any measuring devices.


In the configuration of endpoints, you can now assign the mentioned tags to the screens. Thanks to them, you can further distribute campaigns to specific screens. For example, you can have the same playlist on all screens and only use tags to determine whether the campaign should be played at a specific location.