Playlist Generator

One of the unique features of Nodeply is the ability to generate a playlist, thus avoiding the repeated insertion of media and the manual sorting of the loop.

You simply add media or campaigns to the playlist and then adjust everything parametrically.

The playlist generation function applies all the rules for you and creates an optimal distribution of media in the playlist.


Basic Parameters:

  • Inclusion/removal from the playlist at a specific date and time
  • Playback restriction to specific days of the week
  • Playback restriction to specific times of the day

Additionally, you will find management helpers in the generator.

For example, Tag Prefix. You can add a common text to a group of media, and the system will display a layout and a pie chart showing how much time (percentage) the group occupies in the playlist

Another helper is Media Group. This function is useful in situations where you have advertisements in the playlist that should not be played back-to-back (e.g., two different ads from the same brand or ads for competing products). You assign them the same keyword, and during playlist generation, these marked ads will be spaced as far apart as possible.

And of course, the generator includes the ability to specify the number of repetitions of media in a single playlist playback.

You set the number of repetitions, and the system will take care of the optimal distribution of the playlist to ensure that your ads are evenly distributed and all the set parameters are applied.