New User Permissions Options

New User Permissions Options

Dear Clients,

We are pleased to announce new user permissions options in Nodeply, which will simplify team collaboration.

Main Changes:

  • Management of Subordinate User Accounts: Easily manage access rights for individual users in your team.
  • Settings in the Profile Settings Panel: Find new permissions settings in the Profile settings panel.
  • Detailed Access Control: Restrict access to specific pages or actions within the system.

What This Means for You:

Edit User Permissions
  • Flexibility in Assigning Access: Grant access only to the parts of the system that individual users need.
  • Data Protection: Increase security and reduce the risk of errors caused by unauthorized actions.
  • Transparent Responsibility: Clearly define who has access to what, simplifying the tracking of activities and responsibilities of team members.

Existing subordinate accounts have been automatically assigned maximum permissions.

We believe these new features will make your work easier and increase the efficiency of your teams.